Creation Of DODI Forums

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Creation Of DODI Forums

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Welcome to DODI FORUMS,

dodi and i got to some talking after many discord servers got nuked and also TD's.
After some time we came to the conclusion a Forum would be the most reliable option, considering this is something we own by monthly/yearly payments but this way we don't have to worry about any nuke happening which is great!

the downside is the payment (gladly) its not "that" high, that beeing said that doesn't mean we won't have rules like discord TOS.

This will be the future instead of dodis (discord) server, cuz most likely it already has been reported many times, its more a question of "when" then "if" it's getting nuked, which is the reason we choose for this option.

Hopefully you all will feel comfortable around here, and yes it is different from Discord, but looking at the positives vs the negatives we tought this would be the best option!

Please bear with us since not everyone is experienced in forums, so it will still be a learning period!, We will do our best.
the following are the ONLY official websites of DODI

If you wanna become a seeder ->
DMs pls.