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  • Forum Rules
    1: Racism, sexism, trolling, harassment, shit-talking and similar behavior is not allowed.
    2: Server raid discussions, doxing members/users will result either a warn/kick or ban from this forum.
    3: Do not swear on this forum excessively.
    4: Posting malicious links or files on this forum will result in a PERMANENT BAN.
    5: Please make sure all topics are appropriate for children.
    6: Nothing can be shared that is NSFW, is relating to substance abuse, it's disturbing or that displays a grave nature.
    7: This is an English forum, using any other language or communication will result in a warn!
  • Help-Section
    1: Topics without useful info that just scream for "HELP" won't be answerd.
    2: Apply the error in the titel your getting + game/repack name.
    3: Don't leave the topic EMPTY, provide evidence of your issues "error/screenshot etc..., incase of the topic beeing empty we will simply close it!
    4: Be patient in (help-section) don't whine for help.
  • INFO
    - Keep in mind that 3 warnings will get you banned.
    - Using any form of bypass (including alt accounts) will result in an INSTANT BAN
    - Keep your talks in the correct topic, No irrelevant drama, politics, allowed.
    - do NOT share DDL'S (direct download links) such as : gdrive/multimorror/onedrive ANYWHERE on this forum!, the only links allowed are the titel links -> example: Dolmen (v1.0.0.8 + Rebel Set + MULTi13) – [DODI Repack]

Don't DM any of the moderators/admins for random unnecessary stuff!
the following are the ONLY official websites of DODI

If you wanna become a seeder ->
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