Seeder Requirements

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Seeder Requirements

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  • Requirements:
    A. Has either a seedbox which can seed public torrents OR at least 6MB/s (i.e 50mb/s) local connection.
    B. Ready to seed demanding NEW torrents (Big AAA tittles releases).
    C. Should be able to fulfill reseeding requests (if needed).
    D. Should be trusthworthy, never leaks anything from inside the seeders team!, any leak if found proof -> instant ban!
    E. At least a minimum amount of experience in seeding.
  • Benefits:
    1. Access to most of DODI'S Repacks.
    2. No longer dependent on torrents for DODI-Repacks.
    3. Getting Repacks before its official release.

    Incase your interested after reading this msg, dm me in a private msg with proof of your (speeds) and experience.
the following are the ONLY official websites of DODI

If you wanna become a seeder ->
DMs pls.